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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Usefulness Of Function Keys F1 – F12

The function keys usually located at the top or right hand side of your keyboard serves different functions while some at times seems to be of no use to us, in fact they are highly useful, you just haven’t found out its usefulness yet. Function keys work with the Operating system and are also used to execute some shortcuts when a program is open.

Tips to Stop Blackberry From Freezing, Hanging or Slowing Down

If you still use Blackberry phones running on OS earlier than BB 10, your phone probably still hangs and freezes. Many people would recommend that you clear your Event Log. You can do this by pressing and holding ALT and then pressing L-G-L-G while still holding the ALT key. Your event log will appear, click the BlackBerry Options Key and Choose Clear Log. This doesn’t always stop your Blackberry from slowing down or hanging.
Blackberry Bold 6 - 9790

How to Remove Write Protection From Your Flash Drive

A friend of mine came visiting some days ago and she brought her USB drive. She said  she couldn’t send files to the drive. I really had not encountered this problem before. I took it from her and after trying to send a file to it, a prompt came up that the disk was write protected. I tried formatting the disk and the same thing happened. I helped her with it and decided to share with our readers.
USB Flash Drive (U3)

How To Enable GodMode & Do Anything On PC

That wonderful feeling of being able to repair something (software wise) yourself without having to pay a dime is actually priceless. Now you can also be a god of your own on your PC and help tune and control things the way you want on your system.
I introduce to you a feature that has been in existence ever since the inception of windows XP but it is a mode you need to activate for yourself hence lot of people haven’t been able to take advantage of.
GodMode is an advanced version of control panel whereby you are able to dig through your entire system settings without being scared of a supposed geeky interface you expect to meet. It has a very simple and easy to use interface which will help you through the whole time you will be tweaking your settings.

Friday, 8 May 2015

How To Password Protect Folders On Your Computer

In response to the question asked by one of our readers on how to password protect folders on his computer. It’s possible to do that without the aid of third-party applications. Allow me to show you the procedure involved.

How to encrypt files on Windows XP Professional
1. Right click the file or folder you want to encrypt.
2. Click the Advanced option.
3. Check “Encrypt contents to secure data ” option.

Differences Between E, H, H+ and 3G Networks On Phone

In the simplest way, the difference between them is speed. E is for EDGE (2.75G), which is an enhanced form of what in old phones used to be called GPRS (2.5 G). It has relatively slow data rates of around 236kbps (1mbps peak speed). But actual usage speeds are often lower. Don’t expect to stream a video with E showing on your network bar.

What Is 3G Network & WCDMA?

3G is the next one. It uses WCDMA signalling. The data rates here are comparable to edge but It offers better quality, better latency, lower delay, so making it more suitable for audio, video and streaming services.