Monday, 2 April 2018

Allegations of bribery for MLK award to Buhari insulting ―Family member

AS controversies rage over the award given to President Muhammadu Buhari by individuals claiming to be members of the Martin Luther King family rages, senior research fellow of the MLK centre, Isaac Farris-Newton has described as insulting and embarrassing those reports that the family bribed to the tune of $3million to give out the award.

Describing such reports as fake news, Farris-Newton said no member of the MLK family could be bought over at any rate.

He affirmed that the family gave out the award without any inducement or exchange for anything, maintaining that its endorsement of President Muhammadu Buhari for a second term remained.

Farris-Newton added that such reports were shameful, slanderous on the Luther King’s family reputation and could taint the bond between Americans and Africa.

“I am here in Nigeria having enjoyed my stay. It’s my first time hopefully not the last, am a member of the MLK family here in Nigeria.

“Anyone who has said that anybody paid us to come here is insulting me and my family. I am a nephew of MLK and anyone else in my family.

“it is a fake news, lies, slander is a lie on my good character, anything that I  have done here in Nigeria or said about the President is coming from my head devoid of any compensation other inducement or exchange for anything and I stand by it. We don’t deal like that,

“The MLK family includes three families. MLK junior who is the second son, my mother and my uncle. None of us throughout the three branches are buyable, we don’t do things for money, we do things on principle, it is insulting, anyone in Nigeria should be ashamed, it’s embarrassing, it’s a slander on our good name. We are here in Nigeria to establish a new bond between Americans and Africa.

Please let us not let this be the story; let not make this beautiful story something bad.


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Allegations of bribery for MLK award to Buhari insulting ―Family member