Sunday, 1 April 2018

Knocking Ewi and Fayose’s heads a second time?

THE video making the rounds of the so-called “fight” or “rudeness” of Ekiti State’s Gov. Ayo Fayose to the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti is storm in a tea cup; it is politics of upcoming Ekiti governorship election at play. Anyone familiar with Fayose’s passionate way of making his points will better understand his comportment at Ewi’s palace, but those concerned should be wiser this time around; this was how a wedge was maliciously driven between Fayose on the one hand and the Ewi and others on the other to truncate the governor’s first tenure in 2006. As they say, once bitten, twice shy. George Santayana admonishes us to learn from history if we are not to repeat its mistakes.

As Ado-Ekiti wears a new look befitting a capital, many cannot hide their joy. Law-abiding citizens are not only happy that the hide-outs of criminal elements are being demolished; they are also urging Fayose to go the whole hog. Those afraid that old, decrepit buildings could collapse on their head nudge government to pull them down and still pay compensation. Family members quarrelling over how the inheritance is administered have suddenly found a messiah in Fayose’s demolition exercise. Government officials usually ensure compensation is paid equitably while intractable cases are settled at the Palace. At some demolished structures, fetish substances were exhumed and destroyed. Destinies and glories long buried were thus set free. Until you get behind the story, you hardly get to see the true picture.

LAST WORD: Why should Buhari be chairman of the all-important National Food Security Council and another Northerner, Gov. Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State, is deputy chairman? Is it because there are no worthy persons from the South? Even Benue, famous as the nation’s “food basket,” is not on the council. Food is a critical element in ongoing re-colonisation agenda and only those sold to the project can be allowed anywhere near the Food council’s driver’s seat. A people that cannot feed themselves are condemned to being the slaves of others. Is the South listening?

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Knocking Ewi and Fayose’s heads a second time?